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Time Watch

Time Watch

Chapter 1:
There are a lot of things that go through your mind when you are about to die. Some authors say that you can see your life flash before your eyes. The only thing in front of my eyes is sand, hot, fiery, sand. Maybe that's a good thing, even though sand is flashy. Maybe it means I’m not about to die. I hope I’m the main character in a movie or something, because they never die. Well, at least the movies I’ve seen. There is the possibility that I’ve been busy, or maybe I’m the ‘sidekick’. If I’m the sidekick, who’s the protagonist? Huh. I should think about that. Maybe I die, and she gets all sad and everything before saving the world. Or maybe just a few countries. Then the villain dies, or goes to jail and she finds a boyfriend who she kisses just before the credits roll up. Happily, ever after. Except for me. ‘Cuz I died.
Wow, is this stuff deep. When you are All Alone there are a billion things you can think about. Like the new president. Or how far you can see into space. Or how you’re possibly about to die and someone you know will save the world while you stay dead. A billion things to think about, all right. I should probably think about something else. What will happen in Toy Story 5, if it comes out? Is there going to be a Cars 4? Will I be able to see those, or will I be dead? Great. Back to the being dead thing. Okaaay, new strategy required. Maybe I should think about what happened in the first place. Grace Dauber was born in a hospital. Well, maybe skip a few years. This mess probably started when I was twelve. Was twelve. Hah.


I was at my house, when my cousin Rebecca emailed me asking if I had a jeweler's Loup. So of course, I emailed her back asking what was that and how did she know about it.
‘Oh, I’m just messing around with my Grandpa’s old watch’, was her reply. I immediately invited her to video chat, because this sort of thing needs checking up on.
“A jeweler’s Loup?”
“It’s like a magnifying glass that you put on your eye.”
“Okay,” I told her, “but you’re ten.”
“And...? Look, Grace, maybe most ten year olds aren’t messing around with a watch-”
“And a jeweler's Loup.”
“-but I can be my own person! Who cares if I’m not playing with dolls! I would rather make my dolls walk on their own! Plus,” Becca eyes me slyly, “you of all people should know about fixing toys.” That is not a compliment. That is a reference to when I accidentally set her teddy bear on fire. Which references to my glaring at her.
“I don't have a jeweler’s Loup.”
“Okay, but does your dad?”
“My dad doesn’t work with watches. He has screwdrivers, hammers, and extra light bulbs; but not a jeweler’s Loup.”
“Are you coming over tomorrow?”
“I’m babysitting Alison tomorrow.”
“Bye,” I say, closing my laptop. It had rained last night, and I was stuck indoors. Bored, I looked out my window, and noticed somebody moving into the house down the street. I couldn’t see it very well, so I opened my window, and the screen. The movers must’ve been inside, but I could see a teen boy and a girl about my age talking. No, wait, they must be arguing, because the boy stomped his foot and the girl put her hands on her hips. Boy then said something, which made Girl stick her tongue out and walk away. “Elizabeth,” Boy said loudly, “stop right there.”
Elizabeth then muttered something which I couldn’t hear, but Boy got an angry look on his face and she started running. I then got this sense that I was eavesdropping and started to close the window. Just before I could do that, Elizabeth ran into my yard, yelled “COMING THROUGH!” and climbed through my window. Surprised, I barely have time to scramble onto my bed, before her giant, giddy bomb of laughter explodes into my room. The boy yells dangerously angry for all the Elizabeths in the world to hear:
"Yikes, does David sound mad. But boy, was it worth it! Oh, hi, I'm Elizabeth. You've probably heard of me just now. Who're you? Nice place you got here. I'm staying till five o'clock at least. That's when David's baseball game starts. David's my big brother. We moved in over there. Have any DVDs? Hey, cool, The Incredibles; I like that one."
One thing I got right away, was that she had a blabber mouth.
"Um, hello? This is my room!"
"I know that. My room is a block from here. Kinda amazing David can yell so far, right?"
“Is David that boy you talking to?”
“But. . . Why . . . What did you do?”
“Oh, um nothing. It was awesome though. Uh, awesomely nothing.”
“Awesomely nothing?”
“Oh, I didn’t do it, it was Lily, my little sister.”
“Can you leave, please?”
“Can or will?”
“Nah, you never said what your name was.”
“That’s because you barged in, like, two minutes ago!”
“I can make a name up if you don’t have one. Like Miss-”
“Grace,” I said, pushing her toward the window. She didn’t budge. I considered taking my socks off, but the September air drifting in through my window was cold.
“I don’t think so. . . Miss Grace? That sounds so old and bookish. - Hey, get off my foot. - Maybe something like Leah. It sounds like ‘leave’, which is a good name since you’re telling me to leave.”
“No, my name is Grace and if you don’t go-”
“Gracie,” my mom calls from the dining room, “did you sweep yet?” Why now?
“Just a sec, Mom! I’m coming!” I head for the door, stop, lock my laptop in a drawer and put the key in my pocket. Sticking my tongue out at Elizabeth, I run off.

By the time, I finished, Elizabeth was gone. A piece of paper ripped from my sketch pad was on my desk.

Be back soon.
I think Abby will like you.

Coming back soon? Aw, great, just great. Another problem to handle. No, wait, now I have two problems to handle- Elizabeth and someone named Abby. And they were coming soon. What else could I want?


Sun blaring into my eyes, I look around my death trap for the seventieth time. How long has it been, two hours or five minutes? It probably doesn’t matter. Having flash-backs don’t take very long, and it’s not like anybody is waiting for me. Okay, maybe waiting for me to die. . . Yes, don’t think about that. I pull at my hair and reach into my jeans, pulling out a picture of a clock printed on paper. It’s a cruel joke, having a watch, unable to turn it on and get out. Unable to even say good bye. I remember when Rebecca first made the watches. That was cool. It was so fun, and we could go anywhere. Of course, we went to Egypt, land of fiery sand and blazing heat. The same place I’m dying. How come I can’t die modernly? I could at least die in modern Egypt. But no, I die hundreds of years before I’m even born. Why Egypt? Why couldn’t we go to, I don’t know, Switzerland? What would happen then? We would eat chocolate, play in the snow, and go home. We would travel in time and not die. I would really appreciate that. Hah. But it was ‘Elizabeth's house, so Elizabeth chooses.’ Rebecca could have told me she made time traveling watches at my house! But no, ‘My house is so small’ and ‘Her house is big and new’. Talk about new in Ancient Egypt. I guess I can’t blame everything on Elizabeth, though. It was my idea to eat lunch. I’m the oldest person in our group, and the only decision I make is to eat lunch. I’m so useful. But guess who picked what we eat for lunch? Who picked where we ate lunch? Elizabeth. I even offered to go get the food, but I had to stay with Ally while the rest went and used my money to buy food. I mean, Ally is great, but what happened to ‘Grace’s money, so Grace goes’? I lift a handful of sand and through it at the stone bars. I don’t even get decent iron bars. I feel so underestimated. Sure, I’m dying of thirst. Yes, I’m stuck in Ancient Egypt with no way out. Duh, I don’t know where the others are at; but I’m still underestimated.

Chapter 2:
I remember why I’m stuck here. Surprisingly, it’s not only Elizabeth’s fault. I can also blame the banana.

“Grace, where’re we going?” Ally asks me, jumping over every crack in the sidewalk.
“Elizabeth’s house,” I say, trying not to think about who’s house it is.
“My new neighbor. She’s annoying. You can probably play with her little sister.”
“Why’re we going to her house if she’s annoying?”
“Um, good question.”
“Stop talking and I’ll let you ring the doorbell.” She nods, going along with it. This morning Rebecca told me to come over, even though she knew I was babysitting Alison. It’s a good thing her parents are flexible enough to let us walk to. . . her house. Ally runs up to a doorstep, so we must’ve arrived. The tall, azure-blue house with a wrap-around porch certainly put mine to shame. I could see lace curtains peeking out from behind windows, except for one, which had navy blue curtains. That must be David’s room. Ding-dong. A loud groan ensues, and the door is thrust open by David, remote control in hand. He takes one look at us, points to some stairs in the back of the house and walks away, grumbling about bad timing. A grand welcome.

“YOU'RE HERE!” Abby is the first to greet us, squealing with all her might. She squeezes us tightly, waiting for us to combust. “I got here first, and was all like, where are they? And now you’re HERE!”
“MMM” Ally says, twisting in Abby’s grip. It probably meant “help” or “SOS” or something. Either way, it worked, and I am now free.
“Hi, um, Abby? I’m Grace, and this is Ally. Where’s Rebecca...?” I needed to demand- uh, ask her some very important questions. Now.
“She’s over there somewhere. Ally come look at this!” Abby is very energetic. Extremely. I walk over in the general direction she pointed. Only a table with watches laid out on it. What is with all these watches? The basement is fully decorated, and they only just moved in. I don’t know anybody who has a finished basement! Okay, I guess I do know somebody. . .
“You made it,” Rebecca calls from behind me. I have no idea where she came from, but the grin spreading wide across her face means something happened.
“Becca, where were you? How do you know Elizabeth? What is going on, and can I leave now?” The grin fades when I say this last part. She looks guilty, and that's when I notice the watch on her wrist. “What is with all these watches? Is it a theme? Wait. What did you do when you, ahem, ‘messed around’ with them?”
“Grace- I, uh. . . It’s fun! Um, my mom knows her mom from college or something. Hey, Abby, come over here, ‘kay?” She shrugs her shoulders. “Elizabeth might be here soon. She went upstairs a while ago.” Rebecca grabs the watches off the table. “But I’m telling you, this is the coolest thing ever!” I’m just standing here, watching. No pun intended. Is that a pun...? Elizabeth must’ve decided to show her face, ‘cuz there she is, walking down the stairs with a full bag of Doritos in her hand. “Grace, Elizabeth, Abby, and um, Alison, let me show you all a world-changing invention.” Rebecca holds up her wrist. “May I present. . . The first-ever Time Watch!” . . .She’s kidding, right?
“Um, ‘Becca, watches have already been invented.”
“You don’t get it. This is a Time Watch. It can do more than meets the eye!” I watch as Elizabeth eats a smaller chip whole, and passes the rest to Abby. I can’t help looking at the chips hungrily -I didn’t have lunch yet- but not obviously. No, stop. I need to focus. On Rebecca, not the Doritos.
“. . . We can’t change anything from the past, guys. Anything at all. So, with all of that in mind, where, or when should we go?” Uh-oh. I must’ve missed something, but was it important?
“Hey, let’s go to Egypt! I’ve always wanted to go there,” Elizabeth says, in between chips, “please?” What? Do the watches give us free plane tickets or something?
“Ooh! Can I have a watch, pwease?” Ally gives us those puppy-dog eyes. “For my very own?!” Becca says yes to both girls, and I try to figure out what they were talking about.
“Uh, Rebecca? I’m not, um sure-”
“Grace, chill. It’s not gonna hurt anybody,” she says, strapping a watch onto my wrist. “Well, if we look the part. And if the Egyptians think we’re trying to steal something. . . Hey, do you have any money?”
“What? Um, I have a dollar bill. . .” I hold a crumbled green wad. Poor George Washington.
“Thanks!” Taking it out of my hands, she opens a small door on the back of her watch, squeezes George in, and taps a few buttons. In about twenty seconds, the door pops open on its own, and some copper shapes fall out. Ancient Egyptian currency.
“Woah,” breathes Abby, who’d snuck up on us. “That’s cool.”
“It is, isn’t it? I figured the feature would come in handy. Here, let me set your watch for thirty seconds.” She set everyone’s watch to do something, making sure to make mine fifteen seconds, Elizabeth’s nine, and so on, until we were all set. Only two seconds left. Ally reaches for my hand. “Ready?” And that’s when the bubbles appear. As they swirled around us, my head started throbbing. No one else seems to notice them, and before I can ask anything else, the world turns white.

Ow, ow ow. My head is throbbing loudly enough to be a drum solo. I try to blink away the pain. Slowly, my vision returns, and I can make out a dirty gold color, and in place of a gray basement ceiling, is a vast blue sky. In the distance, tall buildings with pointed tops peek out of the horizon. Pyramids? What!? I turn full circle. There’s Ally, thank goodness, Elizabeth, I’m thanking nobody, Abby, and Rebecca. Ally runs over and gives me a bear hug so tight my head throbs harder. (OW)
“Best day ever,” she whispers, almost making up for the head throbbing. Soon the initial shock wears off, and everybody but Alison and I leave to buy lunch. Why didn’t the Doritos time travel with us? Except when they come back with a basket piled high with food, I forget about nacho-cheese chips. The nuts, grapes, cooked fish, and bread were delicious.
“This is so good,” Becca tells us between bites. Everybody licks their fingers in agreement. I look in the basket for seconds, but the only thing left was a yellow crescent.
“A . . . banana?” Bananas were tropical fruits- how did it get here? Abby leans over and snatches it out of my hand, and begins to unpeel it. “Wait! It’s not-” but it was too late. Dust flew out, and the last thing I remember as my eyes closed is my head hitting the sand.

Chapter 3:
So here I am; stuck, waiting forever. Even though I’m outside, the sun hasn’t moved at all. Maybe it’s just a ceiling with a super-hot light bulb? Who knows.
“Grace!” ...Who was that? Am I hearing things? There’s nobody around!
“We’re coming for you!” Is that a threat? I stand up. Or, wait, it sounded like-
Thump! A girl in a pink dress with her hair up in braids falls from the sky and lands on her butt. For some reason, she looks like Elizabeth, but I know that Elizabeth would never be caught wearing a pink dress. A dress, maybe, or a pink shirt, maybe; but telling her to wear a pink dress? Death wish.
“What happened to you?” Elizabeth just stands up and waves at the sky. Then, like Rapunzel’s hair, a rope falls. What’s the weather like today, Mike? Oh, some random ropes falling out of nowhere, with a ninety percent chance of climbing them. After we start climbing, which is hard in Egyptian clothes, she answers my question. Her voice sounds groggy, like she hasn’t used it in a while. Or like she’d been crying.
“Same thing that happened to you. Banana. Unconsciousness. Then a death trap.”
“A princess-worthy death trap?”
“What? Oh, the dress. Haha. No. The hem was caught on a branch, and the trunk of the tree was covered in barbed wire.”
“Because you couldn’t just tear the dress and walk away.”
“Did I mention that I can’t fly? I was on an island, like, three feet long, and surrounded by hot water.” She looks down from her spot above me suspiciously. “No jokes.”
“Uh, no, you didn’t mention that.” We continue climbing. I can almost see where the rope came from, a small square in the middle of the sky. Maybe I was in a room? “So, how’d you escape?”
“. . . I can’t tell you.”
“No. We can’t talk about it.” So, we continue to climb. We reach the trapdoor thing, and Abby helps us climb out. We come in from the window, which gives me some mild vertigo. Ally is there, but Rebecca is yet to be seen. The room we’re in is- my room. What? Ally looks at me with big eyes so sad, the back of my throat hurts. Abby looks sullen too, and now that I look at her, so does Elizabeth. She’s just hiding it better.
“So,” I ask in a funny-confused voice to brighten the mood, “I just went from Ancient Egypt to my modern-day bedroom. Wanna share how? Also, where on earth is Rebecca?” Abby rubs at her eyes. Elizabeth mumbles something about her leaving already. “Okay, um, I guess I’ll just take Ally ho-”
“NO!!!” Their combined scream makes me take an involuntary step back. Okay, two.
“Um, never mind...?”
“Sorry,” Abby says through her hands, “that's a bad idea. I’ll go with you.” So apparently, they don’t trust me on my own. Even though I’m older than Abby.

Everybody else left. They obviously don’t trust me, so I’ll have to make it up to them. I’m in my room, already changed, trying to make sense of what happened. Problem is, nothing makes sense. It’s a big problem. A watch sitting on my desk, one of Becca’s, makes me curious. Sure, curiosity killed the cat, but I don’t have a cat. So there.
Before I can think anything else, I pick up the watch and strap it on my wrist. I scroll the time setter, but without pushing it in, nothing happens. Soon a little thing pops up on the clock face.
Please pick a date it reads. So, I do. Where? It shows a list, which I pick from. Scroll up for day, down for night! I scroll up.
Should I really be doing this? I mean, I don’t know if I can get back. . . The bubbles appear, my choice made. OW, this time traveling hurts. Slowly, as I get my vision back, the lands appear. The lands of sand, hot, fiery sand. I’ve made it to Egypt, again. This is my second chance. I’ll find out where that banana came from. Maybe I can’t stop Abby, but this is the best I can do. Looking around, I can see the convenience of my destination.
From a shady area, next to a building, I can see Ally sitting, and next to her is. . . me. I guess I hadn’t really thought of that. Yeesh. Did I glance this way? If I see me, then would that change what I do? This is not helping my head throbbing. I carefully press up on the nearby wall. Which way will the others come from? I can’t be seen. Soon, Abby, Rebecca, and Elizabeth show up.
“This is so good,” Becca tells them. Wow. Major Deja Vu. I watch as I (the past me) reaches into the basket. Abby snatches the Banana of Doom, and they all pass out. Okay, this is what I’m here for. A rider and his red horse pulls up soon, and climbs down near the girls. Oddly, his clothes are almost modern, with a long-sleeved shirt and pants. He reaches into his pockets, and pulls out a silver rectangle. The way he holds it, it almost looks like he was looking through it. And- what . . . is that a phone?! No way, he has a phone. Oh, boy. This is bad. Yea, he’s definitely taking a picture. I sneak closer to see the screen. Apparently finished, he opens a text contact and sends them the pictures. Then the modern guy climbs back on his horse, and spurs it away.
Why did he do that? How could he do that? Did he have a watch too? Or maybe a different kind of time machine, if that even existed. Maybe it existed, and he was from even further from the future. Like, 2186 or something. If that was true, how did he know we were here. . .?
Wait. Bubbles start appearing around us, and getting bigger, before engulfing our unconscious selves. Except, these aren’t the pink-orange ones that I’ve seen before. These are a dark blue. Soon, Elizabeth and her bubble disappear, then Ally’s, then mine, and finally Abby, too, disappears, leaving me, alone, and very confused.
What am I supposed to do with this info? Just leave? Maybe it isn’t too late to follow that guy with the phone. Who am I kidding? I can’t even see him anymore! Ugh. Okay, just go. I look at my- wait. Where’s my-
“Looking for something?”

Chapter 4:
I whip around to face the guy from the horse. His eyebrows are raised with mischief, impishly grinning, with a scar climbing the left of his chin. A sparkle in his eyes glows like a sharp piece of glass. He has brown hair with a scruffy look; As if he dressed up for a western movie. He’s even wearing boots, jeans, a red shirt, and vest. Also, he’s got a pistol. Pointed at me.
“I’m looking for something, too! I’m looking for a girl, who, hmm yes, about your height and age, with green eyes like yours, and oh, maybe strawberry-blonde hair, who is feeling cooperative and will get on Dunes here nice and quick. Have you seen her around?”
“She was looking for trouble, wasn’t she?”
“Oh, yes. Please hop aboard to begin your ride with Mr. Sparks.” No choice. I climb onto the horse, and we ride through the desert.

Hours later, we finally stop.
“Off you go,” Sparks says playfully. Pushing me off Dunes is not my kind of playful, (OW) but I see him grinning anyway as I pick myself up. “Hands behind your back, please.” He handcuffs me tightly.
“What are you? Time police?”
“In a way, yes. Quiet now.” He lifts me back on the horse. Riding is more tiring than you’d realize. My legs are sore.
Soon, we stop again. Sparks warns me not to speak, before blindfolding me. I can still hear sounds anyway. The ringing of a phone. Mumbled voices. Then, finally, a ringing in my ears. My head throbs, like every time I time-travel. Then the blindfold is ripped away, and what I see makes my head throb even harder. Seriously, I might pass out. Because what I’m seeing? It doesn’t exist. Like, it’s impossible; but there it is anyway. It’s a building, completely white, but it’s twisted. It’s shaped in an infinity circle, except square at the same time, somehow. I glance at Sparks, and nearly get a heart attack. He’s wearing a suit of white armor, like a Storm Trooper, but without a mask. Quickly glancing down, I’m relieved to find that I’m still wearing my own clothes.
I open my mouth, just to ask something along the innocent lines of HOW WHY WHAT, but Sparks waves me off, texting on his phone. Now I understand why my mom calls them anti-social.

“Are the handcuffs even necessary?”
“I can’t even trust you to stop talking. Why would I trust your hands?” He had a point. Sparks finished texting, and put away his anti-social device. He holds up the stupid blindfold.
“Did you take that off just to show off?”
“Yes. Yes, I did.” Now that I’m blinded, we ride towards the building (I think). The rest of the day went like this:
We get off the horse, Sparks yanking my arms to lead me.
I hear somebody whispering, probably Sparks and a guard.
I try not to walk into a wall.
The blindfold is taken off again, and I’m shoved into a small room, approximately the size of a walk-in closet. I think it is a closet. And that’s it. Because even though my mind was racing, as soon as I touched the floor, I fell asleep.

“. . . and, if you don’t wake up, we’ll assume you're dead and we’ll throw your corpse out.”
“I wouldn’t go that far, Fred,” the familiar sound of Sparks’ voice finds its way into my ears.
“Like she’s valuable?” A laugh, between the two males. I sit up.
“Did you have a good rest, Sleeping Beauty? You’ve kept us waiting for a while now.” The other man (Fred?) said. I cross my arms.
“It wasn’t my choice.” More stupid laughing.
“Choices will be rare for you, here. Follow us,” says Sparks. We walked down the hall, upstairs, through another hall, went right, right, left, downstairs, another right, and then I lost track. They probably went the long way on purpose.
“You’re going to interrogation,” Fred tells me, “and if you do it right, you get breakfast.”
“How do I do it right?”
“By answering the questions correctly, not talking back, not stalling, and not being sarcastic.”
“But I like being sarcastic.” Sparks shakes his head.
“At this rate, you’ll get breakfast when everybody else is eating lunch.” That was probably true. We walk down a few more hallways before stopping at the interrogation room. I expected it to be painted white or gray, entirely empty, with a window in the middle, and a chair on either side. Instead, it’s painted sky blue, with a neon green carpet, and multicolored couches. The wall is covered in crayon drawings, and preschool-style holiday crafts.
I honestly think it’s offensive. What am I, five? This is completely unprofessional. Fred must’ve seen the look on my face.

“It’s psychology.”
“That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”
“What did we say about talking back and being sarcastic?” Sparks says, shoving me into the room with a scowl. I’d totally step on his foot or give him a nice kick, but he has his pistol with him. I’d rather not deal with that.
The men lock the door behind me, and I’m left alone in the play room.

Chapter 5:
I look around my confinement room. I’m supposed to be interrogated, right? Then where’s my interrogator? Hopefully something will make sense soon. Breakfast, too. The last time I ate was in Egypt. Has it really been that long? I sigh, and plop down on a dark blue couch.

Crinkle. I stand up and lift a small folded piece of paper.

Under the pink polka-dotted couch is a teleportation device. Password is 312. Is this legit? I glance at the described couch. I’ve got nothing to lose, right? I reach underneath. My hands fold over a small plastic rectangle- It feels like a TV remote. I pull it out. This so-called ‘teleportation device’ is a remote.

Maybe they just reused it. That would make sense. They probably took all the wiring out and replaced it with new stuff. I push the buttons, 3, 1, and 2. Suddenly, the sound of screaming alarms fills the air, and I can hear faint footsteps outside the door. I don’t have much time. Then the teleportation-remote starts floating, and since there’s no way I’m letting go, I do too. It’s not as cool as you’d think. Imagine trying to do chin-ups, and the bar floats up, and you can’t let go. That’s basically what was happening here. I couldn’t try to control the remote- It was above my head. Literally.

WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE?” Sparks yells from behind the door.
“AN INTERROGATION,” I scream, swinging my legs wildly to try and reach the ground. It isn’t working.
“OPEN THE DOOR!” Fred somehow manages to yell and sound perfectly calm at the same time.
“I CAN’T! The lock is on YOUR SIDE!”
“We ALREADY unlocked it! It’s-”

“I SAID that-”


“NO, I’M NOT! PLEASE CONTINUE TALKING!” The remote had started spinning in circles, and me with it, which I took as a good sign. If I have a few more minutes, I might get out of here.


“You don’t mean the kid we found last night-”


“Okay, okay. On it.” Heavy feet race away from the door.

“DOES THIS MEAN I’M OFF THE HOOK?” I shout as casually as I can while I spin crazily around the room out of control. Good thing I don’t get motion sickness easily.


“Well, sheesh. . .” Then I need to stop talking, just so I don’t puke. Those spinning rides at Six Flags have nothing on this remote, and if this thing doesn’t teleport me soon, I might get a concussion from all the G-force and whiplash. The preschool-crafts are ripped or falling on the floor, and the candy cane couch is on its side.

Soon, the alarms turn off, and someone starts banging on the door aggressively, but it takes everything just to not let go of the teleportation-remote. The banging turns into a weird buzzing, but that might just be my ears ringing. Then door opens, and... and its Elizabeth. Seeing me, her eyes widen, and she tries to back out, but Fred pushes her back into the room and blocks the door. The buzzing I heard must’ve been the chainsaw Sparks is holding, and the doorknob. Elizabeth looks at me, then at the guards. Finally, she looks back at me, shakes her head, and runs, leaping, and grabbing my feet just as everything goes into a colorful blur. I feel her holding tighter as we spin faster, and then the world disappears.